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Guide To Choose the Best Hidden Camera of 2018

Guide To Choose the Best Hidden Camera of 2018

As the technology is getting advanced in the field of spying and hidden camera, more and more people are coming forward to invest in buying the hidden cameras so they could increase the security of their homes and offices. If you are thinking why in first place someone can need a hidden camera, then you must know that there are many reasons for people to purchase these camera. It could be for the office to keep check on the activities of the employees, it could be for your home to make sure it is secure when you are not at home. Another reason behind the increasing use of the hidden cameras is the need to keep an eye on the nanny or the caretaker that you are leaving at home with your kids, or the camera could merely be used to know what kids are up to on your back, you can also install a hidden camera to see what your pets are up to.

Since there are many variations available for the cameras, therefore taking the decision to pick the one you want could be confusing. Not only are there hidden cameras, but there are those too that are perfectly disguised into some other everyday use element that no one could get slightest suspicion of being watched and spied. Then the range of the cameras is available that could be worn as well so that if you are spying one some specific person you can get the required details without having him know what you are up to.

How to choose the best hidden camera for the year 2018

The huge variety of the cameras in the market offers you many features and specifications that you can pick from. There are some camera that operate with Wi-Fi so they always need to be in the vicinity of some wireless signal transmitter while the others operate on 4G as well, these cameras require to be in the area where there is good 4G signal strength. Then some cameras are there that give the output only after the recording has been completed and the memory of the camera is plugged into some viewing device while some cameras allow you to connect you smart phone or some other device and get the live feed from the camera on your gadget.

ProductResolutionPriceOverall rating
Clothes Hook Hidden Camera From Charli Top Shop Ltd
Clothes Hook Hidden Camera From Charli Top Shop Ltd
Check Price
Micro SD Card Covert Coin From CCS Spy Gear
Micro SD Card Covert Coin From CCS Spy Gear
Check Price
GSM Anti-Spy All-Around Signal Bug RF Detector From Bioeilife
GSM Anti-Spy All-Around Signal Bug RF Detector From Bioeilife
Check Price
Glasses With Camera HD 720P, Recording Glasses From Datonten
Glasses With Camera HD 720P, Recording Glasses From Datonten
Check Price
CC308+ Multi-Detector For Hidden Camera/IP Lens/GMS Bug/RF Signal Detector From Worldoor
CC308+ Multi-Detector For Hidden Camera/IP Lens/GMS Bug/RF Signal Detector From Worldoor
Check Price
Universal Backup Camera For Car, License Plate Hidden Camera From Rear Master
Universal Backup Camera For Car, License Plate Hidden Camera From Rear Master
Check Price

Now the huge variety of the cameras allow the buyers to make the choice that meets their demands and then check for the budget. Since there are so many cameras, you can easily find one that fulfills your demands. However, the more you will invest in the purchase of your camera, the better the results will keep going on for you. Else, if your requirement is not for too much detail, then a fair camera can do the job for you.

If you too are looking forward to purchase a hidden camera to keep an eye on some activity either in home or in office, we are going to help you with making your choice easier and simpler. Here we have gathered a list of top 10 best hidden cameras of the year 2018 that will help you make a decision. We have discusses the salient features and other specs of each camera so you could understand each of them well.


List of the best hidden camera of 2018

These are the cameras from different makers with different model and designs, all of them aimed to provide the security, surveillance and spying needs for you. Each camera is unique, one of the kind and you can easily tell if it suits you or not.


Zetronix Hidden Camera In Charger

Zetronix Hidden Camera In Charger

  • Special Feature

If you are looking forward to get a camera that can serve as the best disguise, then you can go for the Zetronix hidden camera in charger. This is a camera that is hidden in the USB charger that is used to charge your devices. This camera is the best one for your monitoring and surveillance needs. If you want to monitor the activity at home, you can simply put this hidden camera in charger to some switch and turn it on, it will keep doing its work and no one will be suspicious at all. It can easily be connected to your smartphone as well and it starts giving the live footage of the recording going on. All you have to do is to download the respective application on your device with either iOS or Android and get started.

  • Ease of Use

Since this camera is just another USB charger, so you can think of its ease of use well. There is no difficulty in putting this camera in the plug and then turn it on.

  • Feedback Quality

The camera records the live videos in HD 1080P and offers crystal clean videos both in the day light and also in the night times. It has a 90 degree angle recording facility that helps you record the video of the entire scene in just one sitting.

  • Functionality

The functionality of the device is simplest and it can be best used for used in house or in office. Since the device looks like a USB charger and it is has a very reasonable size as well, you can easily take it with you while traveling too and put it to the new place where you are going. The only drawback being that the camera looks like a charger and it could get damaged if it were used as a charging device.


ENKLOV Hidden Camera In Clock

Hidden Camera In Clock

  • Special Feature

Disguised in a very elegant and beautiful alarm clock, this ENKLOV hidden camera in clock is one of a kind when we talk about hidden camera. The camera is hidden in the mirror of the clock that otherwise looks just a normal clock serving the purpose of time and waking you up for with the alarm. However the output can be used to video the crystal clean video on your device that you can easily connect to the smart phone via the downloadable application that works for both the iOS and Android devices.

  • Ease of Use

Since the camera is hidden inside the alarm clock, all you are needed to do is to put the clock on some shelf or table and let it do its work. This camera is in use for monitoring the baby as well.

  • Feedback Quality

The feedback that you get from this camera has a very outstanding quality. Whether you are using it in the day time or at night, you would be happy to see the results. Since the camera can record the video in 1080P as well, you would never complain about the quality of the output however you can switch between several values of the pixels and video quality.

  • Functionality

The camera is equipped with night vision and motion detector that can detect slightest movement in the 10 meters of area and can alert you with a message at your smart phone about the movement. There are 6 different lights for the night vision that you can choose the color from and the two way audio helps you talk and listen to the friends or family on the other side or to command someone on the other side as well.


Jbonest Hidden Camera Light Bulb

Hidden Camera Light Bulb


  • Special Feature

To provide maximum discretion and to make the recording and monitoring go totally unsuspected, Jbonest have introduced a new hidden camera that is disguised as a light bulb. The major advantage of this amazing camera is that a light bulb can easily get blended in any environment without anyone knowing it being there. This hidden camera is not only suitable for the recordings and secret filming for surveillance purposes but it also plays useful when you have to do the personal recording of some specific individual. The camera is compatible with an app that allows the user to get the notifications on their smart phone about the recordings that the camera is making.

  • Ease of use

Who doesn’t know the use of a light bulb and how to put it on? All you have to do is to place the bulb in the holder and turn it on. Not only does this work as a camera but it also provides the functionality of the light bulb. The camera in the light bulb is portable too and you can take it on the go without anyone knowing it. Such cameras some handy for your memorable trips too. for example if you are out for camping and you need the camera, you can take the light bulb cam with you and use it for the purpose of light and recording at the same time during camp.

  • Feedback Quality

This hidden camera provides crisp and crystal clear feedback as it records the video with the 960P quality. The camera has a storage of 128GB in the form of SD card that you can have and get the best possible results from it. You can get the remote access by using Wi-Fi and get the feedback with a wide viewing angle that has no risk of a blind spot either.

  • Functionality

The camera is equipped with night vision mode as well so you cannot only enjoy the crisp clear and detailed images in the day light but also enjoy the IR based night vision as well. The two way audio facility is also very useful when you wish to make call or interact with someone at a distance from friends, family or work. For the two way video, you require IP or Wi-Fi based remote footage capturing.


Spy Camera Picture Frame, Conbrov T10 720P Photo Hidden Camera

Spy Camera Picture Frame

  • Special feature

This is a unique kind of hidden camera that is designed with such a grace that no one can judge if there is something keeping an eye on them. The camera is hidden in the photo frame in which you can put your own photo as well so no one gets to know what is going on behind the picture. The battery is built inside the frame so you need not to worry about the cords and place this home decoration anywhere you like.

  • Ease of use

This hidden camera is just another home decoration piece that you can place anywhere at home and there is no technical expertise required to learn its use.

  • Feedback Quality

The camera records 720P video with the motion detection that ranges up to 15 ft. viewing even in the darkness. The built in memory and the battery both help you not only the space but also keep the things in hand for you to be treated at any time.

  • Functionality

This hidden camera has the night vision with the black LED technology that helps it capture the images clearly even when it is pitch dark. The camera switches to night mode automatically when it senses low light. With sensitive motion recording, you would never miss a movement up to 25 ft. of vision. The battery is built-in with 1000mAh capacity that has the standby time of up to 2 years. If you use this camera for continuous recording then the battery can record for 30 hours in the daytime and up to 10 hours in the night mode.



Wi-Fi Hidden Camera Spy Camera Smoke Detector, Dare Tang HD 1080P

Hidden Camera Spy Camera Smoke Detector

  • Special feature

Disguised as a smoke detector alarm, this hidden camera is something worth buying for capturing someone either at home or at office. The compact design of this camera pairs very nicely with the smoke alarm and keeps you out of trouble. The smoke detector works its own way as well so you can get to enjoy both with this device. The camera comes with a rechargeable battery so you do not have to buy one every other day and is as powerful for the standby time as 2000mAh.

  • Ease of use

This hidden camera only asks you to place the camera on the required spot in the ceiling just like the regular smoke alarm with an electrical connection and it will keep on working.

  • Feedback Quality

The camera records the high quality video in 1080P so you miss not a single detail of the video you are recording. Also the camera is enabled with the loop video recording that helps it writes upon the oldest files when the memory gets filled up. Also an automatic sync is generated that keeps updating the new snapshots and videos with latest time and date.

  • Functionality

The camera comes with a remote control so that when you are want to switch on to the motion detection mode you can just press the button and it will start recording the motion. The camera can get connected by Wi-Fi with any of the android or iOS devices. This camera supports real time video recording, snap shooting and provides privacy. It is very much liked for it being the least detectable hidden camera.



LUOHE Hidden USB Spy Camera 12,000mAh Power Bank

Hidden USB Spy Camera

  • Special Feature

LUOHE has introduced the hidden camera inside a power bank, which is indeed a great idea as no one can suspect your power bank to be capturing the world around it. The power bank can function both ways that is as a camera and as a power bank. This spy camera is loaded with a very powerful battery so you need not to worry at all about the power of the camera or your mobile phone going out. It is capable of recording a high definition video for 35 hours and 3-4 recharging of the phone battery as well.

  • Ease of use

Since it is a very sleek, handy and small sized device, you need not to worry about taking care of it. You can easily put it in your pocket and get going. This high quality camera is easy to use and much easier to carry around without anyone knowing what it really is.

  • Feedback Quality

The camera is capable of recording the high definition video and images for up to 1080P and a lot of internal memory. You can keep on continuously recording the video for up to 35 hours and keep saving it in internal memory of the card.

  • Functionality

The camera has an internal memory as well with a micro SD card of 32 GB, which is able to record videos for you and if the memory becomes full, the camera won’t stop recording, rather it would rewrite the oldest video from the memory so your data is never lost.



LIZVIE Wi-Fi Network Hidden Spy Charging Dock

HD Blue Bottle Portable Camera

  • Special Feature

This is a charging dock that comes with a hidden camera that is used for spying purposes. The charging dock is used to charge your iOS devices such as smart phones and tablets while along it you can capture the high definition video as well. No one at work or home is ever going to suspect it as the camera is fully concealed and there is no chance for anyone to know it.

  • Ease of Use

As simple as it is designed to be, there is no trouble with making good use of this camera and using it for security and surveillance purposes. All you have to do is to plug in the charging dock and turn the power on and let the camera do its work.

  • Feedback quality

The camera captures the videos in 1280 x 720P and offers both the live video sharing and the SD card recording. As long as your camera is connected to the Wi-Fi and you have installed the LIZVIE app in your smart phone or iPad, you can keep getting the live video remotely on your device and have a look at what is going on in your office or at home.

  • Functionality

The camera is highly functional as it provides high definition videos, in high quality with the SD card saving and live video options along with the motion detection feature. The motion detection allows the camera to monitor any small or large motion and send an email or message alert to the user.



WEKE Hidden Spy Camera, 1080P HD Blue Bottle Portable Camera

HD Blue Bottle Portable Camera

  • Special Feature

This is a very unique hidden camera that comes just like a regular water bottle and the one that can help you record anything, anytime and anywhere without anyone noticing your actions. While you are in some park, in some garden party or on the go, you can have this water bottle disguised camera for discrete recording. The WEKE hidden spy camera is in the water bottle and the bottle is filled with real water to make sure that the camera and your actions remain unnoticed.

  • Ease of use

Talking about the ease of use for the WEKE hidden camera in the blue water bottle, it’s as easy as you drinking water. Only the part where you have to act for recording like drinking water, which is dependent upon you. If you are placing the bottle on some surface than it will carry on working on its own.

  • Feedback Quality

The feedback video from this hidden camera is just amazing as it is 1080P and HD so there is no chance for missing any details that you wish to capture. The bottle cam can record up to 2.5 hours of continuous video and is compatible with the micro SD card of 64GB.

  • Functionality

The bottle cam is highly functional and is always ready to work for you when you want. The bottle kettle is made to meet the food standards and to come with reusable water proof stickers. WEKE offers a one year guarantee with this water bottle as well.



Sappywoon Spy Hidden Camera Eyeglasses – Fashion Loop Video Recorder Portable Security Cam

Spy Hidden Camera Eyeglasses

  • Special Feature

This is a very cute type of the hidden camera that comes as a wearable one and serves best for the individual video recording. The main advantage of this camera is that it helps you look cool and record the video all at the same time without anyone noticing what’s going on. This camera suits best when you have to record the activities of a specific person and you are staying with them or observing them from a distance. So merely where you are looking, you are recording as well.

  • Ease of use

Since this camera is just a pair of cools glasses, all you have to do to use it is to wear them and get going. The camera is totally invisible to anyone who sees it so there is no chance of getting caught. The charging is simple and easy as all you have to do is to connect the glasses to the PC and it will start charging. If you want to view the data recorded, attaching the glasses directly will do the job for you.

  • Feedback Quality

This sunglasses disguised camera is capable of recording the high quality high definition videos for about 10 hours continuously. The camera has the feature of loop recording as well that enables it to start recording over the video that is oldest in the history. This way the continuous recording does not stop at once.

  • Functionality

The glasses are highly functional as they are easy to use and easy to carry with you. You can put them in the pocket while you are travelling and no need to make a lot of luggage with you. Has a powerful camera for recording and a 32GB card that stores data directly.



Brickhouse Security BKC-1080DVR HD 1080P Hardcover Book Hidden Camera

Hardcover Book Hidden Camera

  • Special feature

This camera is disguised as a book and plays as the best one for recording the activities of the people in offices, banks, stores, factories and even at homes. Since the camera looks just like another book, you can put it with the other books and get the footage whenever you want. It serves as a low cost solution for monitoring and security for those who do not want to spend a lot on it. You can use it as a nanny camera as well to keep an eye on the activities of the nannies visiting your home for kids or elderly.

  • Ease of use

The book is made with high quality leather that promises to last longer than the others while the ease of use does not need any description as you can put the book at some shelf and start getting the feedback. The data retrieval is easy as well as you got to connect the book via the adapter to the PC and start getting the videos.

  • Feedback Quality

The camera records the video at 1080P / 30 FPS quality to make sure that none of our precious or important moments get uncaptured.

  • Functionality

The camera has an IR component attached as well that ensures your video keeps on getting recorded even in the darkness. The low price, motion activation and the night vision altogether make it extremely reliable and trusted one in the world of spy cams.


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How to choose the best-hidden spy camera

Are you looking forward to spy on someone through spy camera? Is it the nanny of the house for whom you are about to buy the spy camera?

Are you looking forward to spy on someone through spy camera?

Is it the nanny of the house for whom you are about to buy the spy camera?

Or is it for your office that you need one to keep an eye on the activities going on in there?

Whatever be the case for you to need the hidden camera, we are here to help.

The spy camera or the hidden cameras are of great importance as they are essential for the spying purposes and they are needed for everyday use in the streets, stores, shops, malls, offices and homes. The uses of the hidden cameras are also varied and one can use them according to their needs either for spying on the nanny of the house, keeping an eye on your child, for security, surveillance and much more.

There are so many different types of the hidden cameras that choosing the one that is perfect for your needs could be something very confusing. Therefore it is important to understand that there are several factors that need to be considered when picking a camera. Knowing the basic of the cameras will help you a lot in making the right choice at the right time. Helping you with making your choice is what we are here for and this post is definitely going to help you with it.

ProductProduct typePriceOverall rating
SCS Enterprises Wireless Clock Spy Camera
SCS Enterprises Wireless Clock Spy Camera Review
Check Price
Clock Cam$$$****
WiFi Baby 4: HD Wireless Nanny Cam and Baby Monitor
Wi-Fi Baby 4- HD Wireless Nanny Cam and Baby Monitor Review
Check Price
Nanny Cam$$*****
Sleuth Gear Xtreme Life RockCam Outdoor Hidden Camera
Sleuth Gear Xtreme Life Rock Cam Review
Check Price
Surveillance Cam$$$$$****
Phreilend Hidden Camera
Phreilend Hidden Camera Review
Check Price
Surveillance Cam$****
Phylink PLC-128PW 720P HD Covert IP Wireless Mini Pinhole Spy Camera
Phylink PLC-128PW 720P HD Covert IP Wireless Mini Pinhole Spy Camera Review
Check Price
Spy Camera$$*****
FREDI Mini Spy Camera
Fredi Mini Spy Camera Review
Check Price
Spy Camera$*

Things to consider before getting on to buy the camera

buy the camera

First thing you need to understand about the hidden cameras is that there is no perfect hidden camera that we can pick and call it to be perfect and according to your needs. Every camera has different specifications, is used in different circumstances and asks for different level of maintenance. So we cannot declare any one brand or model to be the perfect one for you. Rather we can provide you with some useful and handy tips that are going to help you determine which one suits you according to your needs.

Secondly, the needs for a business environment and that of a home are also different as the requirement for the specs of the camera changes according to the demand and use of the camera. So the first thing you need to do is to understand what you want and then go further to get it.

Thirdly, the budget also accounts for choosing the best camera for spying purposes which is why you are advised to first know all the factors that govern the perfect working of the spy cameras and then move on to making the purchase.

Type of disguise

The first thing to ask yourself is which type of camera is going to suit you and your need. Since there are so many types of the cameras and there are numerous size options in hem as well that it gets easier as well as confusing to decide on the best. If you plan ahead and short list the features that you are looking for, it would become easier for you to go for the best choice. Since the purpose of a hidden camera is to stay concealed so it is not visible to others so they could get alert, therefore the hidden cameras are usually attached to the things that are of daily use and they cannot be suspected easily for hiding the camera.

Here we are going to describe some disguise types for the hidden cameras that is going to help you choose the best for you.

Nanny cameras

As the name suggest, these types of the cameras are used to spy on the people who are coming into your house when you are not present. It can be the nanny or some babysitter who is coming to take care of your child. It is important to keep an eye on such people to make sure that the kid is well taken care of and there is nothing happening beyond the limits. Today the nanny cameras come disguised into teddy bears and dolls as well so the nanny cannot suspect its presence around. The nanny cameras have the option for being wired or wireless so you can choose the one you need according to the requirement and placement of the camera.

  • Spy clocks
INRIGOROUS Hidden Camera Alarm Clock Portable Spy Camera DVR Motion Detection Remote Control with 16GB Micro SD Card

Spy clocks

If you are looking forward to purchase a camera that goes unnoticed by the people in the house then the spy clocks are the best option. A clock is the mandatory feature of every room so you can make use of the spy clock and keep an eye on the activities of the inmates of your house, or it could be for the pets that are left alone in the house while you are away. Whatever be the case, a spy clock and the cameras hidden in the alarm clocks are a very suitable option for spying.

  • Smoke detector camera spy camera
Heymoko Wi-Fi Smoke Detector Camera Motion Detection Night Vision 1080P Wireless IP Indoor Baby Pet Monitor Remote Real Time Video Free App View Nanny Cam Home Security Camera SD Card Storage to 128GB

Smoke detector camera

If you want to get the need of the spy camera and smoke detector to be fulfilled by a single object, then you would be delighted to know about the smoke detector camera. This is the camera that is being used widely in the commercial buildings as no one is going to think that the smoke detector on their heads is keeping an eye on their activities as well.

  • Pen camera
Pen Camera – Bysameyee Wireless Covert Camera Mini PenCam HD 1080P, Portable Meeting Video Pen Recorders DVR

Pen camera

A pen camera is something that helps you a lot in offices, it is used by the press people as well to conduct the interviews that are not to be announced to the person. This camera is just a normal pen that can even write if you want it to but when you wish it to work as a spy camera, it can do so very easily. This camera is capable of capturing the live video as well as it can take the still shots.

  • Wearable hidden cameras
Smart Bracelet Hidden Camera,ESROVER 1080P HD Bracelet Mini Video Camera with Track Steps,Sleep Quality Monitoring,Surveillance Recorder Camcorder Suitable for iPhone & Android phones


Wearable hidden cameras


  • Wearable hidden cameras are the ones that you can attach to any wearable object such as the sunglasses, mobile phones, and tie knots. They disguise easily and they cannot be detected by the other people. These cameras can be best used if you want to spy on some individual.
  • Standalone hidden camera
Jumbl Mini Hidden Spy Camera Radio Clock wih Motion Detection and Infrared Night Vision – Built-In Screen, Speaker, Micro SD Slot and AUX Line In – Black

Standalone hidden camera

This spy camera is a rather economical version of the disguised camera as it is just the camera that needs to be attached to the object by the buyer himself. The buyer can easily place this camera with some everyday object that cannot be suspected easily. This is good for those people who are not in a position to afford the disguised cameras.

Now that you know that there are several types of the disguises available for the hidden cameras, it would become easier for you to decide which one you want according to the situation you are in.

Type of technology used for connection

The next factor to consider when determining which camera you want to have for spying the technology used for connection of the camera. Whichever the technology you have easily available at your place, you can get that for the camera. The better the technology for the connectivity of the camera is, the better would be the results from the camera. Here we are going to mention some common types of the cameras used.

  • Hardwired


This is one of the most secure types of the connection used for the hidden cameras where the camera is connected to the recording device by a hard wire. This is the most reliable type of the connection as the chances for the loss of data or signal is minimum. The only disadvantage of this type of hidden camera is that it is easy to be caught as the whole setup becomes large in size and can be seen due to the wire attached to it. Otherwise, in term of reliability, this type of connection is the best.

  • Wireless
Zmodo Wireless Security Camera System (4 pack) Smart HD Outdoor WiFi IP Cameras with Night Vision

Wireless camera

The wireless cameras are very popular in the world of spying as they serve the purpose of hiding at the best. They cannot be detected easily as they do not have any wires. Rather they have a transmitter and a receiver that can be kept separately into some other object to hide them. Since the wireless camera uses the transmitter-receiver assembly to send the visuals, therefore the chances of reliability are low as the signal strength can vary from time to time.

  • Internet accessible or IP

In this type of the camera, the camera is especially designed so that it works as a wireless camera and serves the purpose best for capturing and saving the videos. The camera is directly connected to a USB hard drive and the signal is continuously transmitted through wireless that keeps getting recorded into the hard drive. These cameras are best used for surveillance and security but they come with a drawback which says that the data is not hidden at all since it can be taken by anyone form the hard drive.

  • 4G wireless
ZOSI 4CH 1080P HD WiFi NVR with (4) 1.0MP 720P HD Wireless Outdoor Indoor Home Security Camera System Support Smartphone Remote View NO Hard Drive, 100′ Night Vision

4G wireless

The 4G wireless cameras are the most advanced in technology cameras that come with a 4G wireless technology. It serves the purpose of security and surveillance at best but it has the drawback that it cannot operate everywhere freely. It needs a specific are to operate so that it can work properly and it needs the 4G availability all the time.


Now that you have got the idea of the connectivity options for the hidden spy cameras, you are in a position to short list the most suitable option for you from here. If you have 4G in the area where you want to install the spy cam, then you can use that since it is the best choice amongst all. If not, then you can opt for the most suitable from the rest.


Once you have gone through the details of the disguise and connection technology to be sued, you must have made your mind for the requirement from both. However there is another important thing that you need to consider along the above two and it is called resolution. You surely want the images or the videos you are capturing to be clear, bright and sharp and for this the best thing you can do is to choose a camera that provides the best results. Normally there are three factors that are considered while checking the resolution of the camera

  • Real High Quality
  • Super High Resolution
  • High Definition

By far, among these three, the best one to be considered is the high definition or HD. Cameras with good output results for the videos are the ones that provide very crisp clear images, the ones that have a visible difference between lighter and darker shades, provide accurate color and have sharp resolution.

Lux rating is another factor that needs your attention when you are out to buy the best security cameras. The lux rating is defined as a factor that helps capture the image in better quality even when the light is minimal. The lower the lux rating will be, the better will be the results that the camera will provide even in the darkness.

Then there are some camera that work on the principal use of the infrared radiation. These are meant for nigh vision and such cameras are capable of capturing the good quality images even in the pitch darkness. The only factor for these night vision cameras that make them less useful is the fact that they are expensive which is why people are often being hesitant to buy them. However, if you have a good budget to purchase a spy camera, you are advised to go for the one that has night vision as well.

Storage Space

The next factor to consider when buying a spy camera is the storage space. When a camera records some footage, it has to store and save it into some memory. In most of the cases, the cameras used the SD card to store the data. The SD cards are available in different sizes and you can have the card with the size that suits your requirements. Typically the spy cameras support the SD cards from 2GB to 64GB. Then there are some cameras that have the built in storage in them and the video recorded by the camera goes straight to this storage. If you have to view the recorded video, all you have to do is to plug the camera to a viewing device and you can have a look at what your little spy guy has recorded.

The major difference between the SD card and the internal storage is that you can vary the size of the card according to your need for the cameras that support SD card. While for the other cameras that have internal memory, the memory storage space is fixed and you cannot change it. While in case of the SD card, the chances for the data loss are quite high since the card could get damaged at any time, therefore it is highly recommended for the SD card users to save the data to some reliable memory as soon as they retrieve it from the device.

Considering the storage space of the spy camera you are about to purchase, you must keep in mind that as much as the quality of the video gets better, so does the size of the video increases and thus it needs larger space for longer videos. Now you have to make the decision that which thing you want to have as a priority. Whether you want the picture quality to be perfect or is it the long length of the video that you desire. If you are looking for the good results in both cases, then for sure you would have to spend more to get the camera that can give you the best results.

Viewing options

Next thing to consider when it comes to determining the best kind of the spy cameras is the viewing options that the camera offers. For most of the cameras that are used for spying purposes the video can be seen only after the recording has been made. That is to say that you have to first retrieve the data from the camera, once the recording is over, and only then you can see what the camera did. It goes fine with most of the application of the spy cam since people who need post recorded videos have no trouble with that.

But if you require to see the live footage of the recording from the camera, you are going to need an IP cam. An IP cam is the one that has the ability to transmit the data and send it via the internet to the viewer to see as soon as it is captured. So you can remotely see the video while you are quite far away from the cam. There is only a delay of a few or milliseconds depending upon the technology of the camera.

So you need to make the decision about the purchase of the spy camera depending upon the need and where you want to place it.

Power source

Another factor that asks for your attention when you are in the process of purchasing the spy camera is the fact that what power source are you applying to gear up the spy cam. Most of the spy camera operate on the batteries that are chargeable. So you need to first keep the battery charged and then but the camera to work but if the camera has to work continuously for weeks and months, it is definitely going to need a power supply that can work better. So you will have to choose the power options as well.

Sometimes when the spy cameras are provided with the AC power source, that is continuous, the camera is revealed due to the wiring, killing all the purpose of spying. In such cases battery operated cameras work best.

Colored or B/W

Now that we have talked well about the resolution of the video that the camera is going to record, the next thing to consider is the colorization of the picture. Most of the spy camera record the videos in black and white mode so the details are not as clear as a colored video could reveal. Still if the resolution is better and the camera records in HD, the quality of the video gets better and you can get a lot of detail from it as well.

If you still wish to improve the quality of the video captured and you need even more details of the scene, then you can opt for the colored video recording camera. The colored video reveals more details of the scene but as we switch from the B/W to colored, price of the camera keep getting high. But since the quality gets better, so paying more seems like worth it.

Another factor to consider can be the warranty of the camera that gives you the satisfaction that it is not going to get you in trouble in future.


In the modern world, where security and surveillance have become almost a basic need not only for the commercial areas but also for the domestic ones, the hidden and spy cameras are becoming very popular. There is a huge variety of the leading edge technology available for the cameras and people are getting eager to buy them. If you too are looking forward to purchase one, you need to understand the basics of the hidden camera, how and where to use them and then make a decision based on the required feature and available budget. The article above enlightens the reader about all the necessary factors to take into consideration when you are about to make the decision for purchase of the camera. You can have a look at the reviews and comparison charts of different hidden cameras from various manufacturers and then make a decision based on this analysis.

You can order the spy camera that you need from any of the online stores or just go to a store and shop for the camera that you wish to have.

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